Snapped tooth of waste shredder
After visiting site and looking at the type of fracture it was clear to be a manufacturing defect in the casting rather than machine failure. Site was also advised to talk to the manufacturer to make a warranty claim and set the precedence that there is a potential issue with the carriers that may arise again to minimalize the cost to them long term due to the machine only being a few weeks old.
Once the waste had been stripped from the drum and lower conveyor the drum was rotated to position the fractured carrier in the optimum position to carry out the work, due to the type of machine and the position of the rubber conveyor belt underneath the work area a hose system was requested by us to site to ensure the belt had a constant water feed and would avoid damage from the cutting and welding.
Due to previous experience with these and similar machines we decided that to flame gouging would be the best and quickest method to remove the heavy fillet weld that was holding the remainder of the carrier to the drum, this process can remove a high weld deposition in a very short amount of time and due to the nozzle angle, it greatly reduces the chance of damage to the drum.
Once all remainder of the carrier had been removed the weld area was prepped to ensure a clean surface and adequate bevelling for the new weld.
Once the new carrier position had been marked, placed in position, levelled, and tacked in place the drum was rotated a full turn to ensure the carrier would not foul the door knives, rear panel knives or lower screen.
Once the positioning of the carrier had been checked it was welded up to manufactures procedure ensuring that each weld pass was cleaned and inspected to reduce any chance of failure. The carrier was then assembled with the tooth and saddle and bolted in position, once the saddle was welded to the carrier the tooth bolt was toured to spec and the machine once commissioned back into use.
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